A classical Margam is the traditional Bharatanatyam choreography set to Carnatic music, following a progression of complexity in music, rhythm and expression. It usually begins with a Pushpanjali – an offering of flowers to the Gods, or an Allaripu and then continues into pure rhythmic pieces. Facial expression (Abhinaya) is then introduced. The Varnam, is the central piece of a Margam, a beautiful mix of pure dance (nritta), with intricate footwork, and Abhinaya. The second half of the performance has expressive pieces like Padams and Javalis, with the stress laid on Abhinaya. The performance concludes with a lively movement piece, a Tillana.

A Margam can usually be customized to suit the nature of the event/festival and offers a wide scope in terms of variety of themes and pieces.

Show Details :
60 – 90 mins
Music: Live or Recorded