Maathe is Nitya’s first solo Bharatanatyam production and premiered in San Francisco in June 2017.

An “ideal” that binds us all in society, beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond any bounds of geographical and cultural practices or of time and age is the ideal of the all-glorified Mother.

 This production explores the many emotions associated with the word “mother” through the Bharatantayam Margam format. In its current form, its a juxtaposition of the Universal Mother –
Devi, and the Forgotten Mother – Devaki.

Show Details : 
75 mins
Music: Live

Work in Progress for the SafeHouse RAW Program, San Francisco (June 2018)
Marghazi Music and Dance Festival, Chennai (January 2019)
Harmony Live Music Dance Festival, Chicago (March 2019)


If interested in hosting this program and for bookings, Contact Nitya here.