The Self in All beings or “Aatmavaan” is presented in a thematic Margam format. This Margam is an ode to Lord Narayana and explores the different relationships one can have with his supreme consciousness. The idea of a supreme consciousness or Brahman in Advaita philosophy can seem profound and out of reach. This production aims to humanize the Brahman and bring us closer to the self that is both without and within.

Aatmavaan is based on the simple yet complex idea of love and how it can prevail all other emotions and ideals.

The Bhakti of Goddess Lakshmi towards Narayana is seen as the utmost form of both devotion and love. We explore how Shringara and Bhakti, two seemingly contrasting emotions are intertwined and inseparable. We also see how the divine can be a friend and confidant. Not only is the self something that can guide you, it can also be someone you can guide, tease, scold and lecture thus breaking the barriers between us and the self. We explore Vatsalya or motherly love which triumphs all other. We also see how hatred towards the supreme is also a form of obsessive devotion that is rewarded with enlightenment. The production and pieces are built such that we lead towards ultimate abandon and surrender

This production was premiered as part of the Navatman Bhaitak Series and was first presented online in March 2020.

Show Details : 
Duration : 60-75 mins
Music: Recorded