The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul


Maathe is Nitya’s first solo Bharatanatyam production and is set to premier in 2020.

An “ideal” that binds us all in society, beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond
any bounds of geographical and cultural practices or of time and age is the ideal of the
all-glorified Mother.  This production explores the many emotions associated with the word “mother” through the Bharatantayam Margam format. In its current form, its a juxtaposition of the Universal Mother – Devi, and the Forgotten
Mother – Devaki. Maathe is presented with live music

Work in Progress for the SafeHouse RAW Program, San Francisco (June 2018)
Marghazi Music and Dance Festival, Chennai (January 2019)
Harmony Live Music Dance Festival, Chicago (March 2019)

If interested in hosting this program and for bookings, Contact Nitya here.

Maathe – Brochure :

Essence of Indian Art

This was a project initiated for Kalagrit – Essence of Indian Art Festival.  This is an initiative to integrate and encourage people to build their interest towards Indian Art and Culture. The Essence of Indian Art is currently being presented in the form of a Lecture Demonstration and will be touring in 2019.

If interested in hosting this program and for bookings, Contact Nitya here.

Video : Nitya Narasimhan : Essence of Indian Art :
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Dance Videos

Nitya has initiated, choreographed and produced multiple dance video projects. These have been small initiatives to reach the classical art to a wider audience and make it more relatable. Some of these include the Devi Allaripu, her interpretation of the Swalla Jathi for Indian Raga, A Krishna Nee Begane produced in collaboration with musicians from UK, Bhairavi Kamakshi Swarajathi and Govindan Kuzhalosai

Check out some of the work here : Short Dance Videos


Absence Presence

A multimedia production done as part of the Attakkalari Talent Academy. Often absence most resonates through silence. It reminds you of the value of being present. The abandonment of the body on the trail of darkness, the daydreaming, fading into light breeze- it is all a very fragile state of being. A state in which all that is present is flesh and bones, and the mind traverses beyond space and time, into silence. Nitya worked with Contemporary choreographer Sonia Rodriguez on this piece

Video : Nitya Narasimhan : Absence Presence (Contemporary)img_3781

Swans of Saraswathi and Other Semi Classical Work

Nitya’s love for choreography was initiated when she was a part of the dance troupe in her college at NIT Trichy. Here is when she got to experiment with different themes and ideas within the classical form. She was the primary choreographer for the troupe between 2008-2011 and won many accolades and competitions for the troupe.

Nitya Narasimhan : Agam – Swans of Saraswati – Dance
Saarang’11 – Dance Troupe of NIT Trichy’s MAYA