Raadha Kalpa Dance Company

Nitya has been a student and dancer in the Raadha Kalpa Dance Company since 2014.

Founded by Rukmini Vijayakumar in 2009, Raadha Kalpa Dance Company is a classical Indian Bharatanatyam dance company dedicated to the promotion of art and culture through performance, teaching, artistic collaboration and experimentation. Nitya was an integral part of this esteemed company which tours all over the globe.

   Productions she has worked in include :

  • Prabhavati (2015)
  • Yama (2015)
  • Margam (2016-17)
  • Turiya (2016)
  • The Dark Lord (2017)

More information about Raadha Kalpa Dance Company : Raadha Kalpa Website


Prayukti Dance Ensemble

The Prayukti Ensemble was formed as an organic extension of the Prayukti Dance school. The students of Prayukti Academy have been training under Nitya since August 2017 and have started performing in and around events in the Bay Area. They also performed in the prestigious Cleveland Thyagaraja Utsavam as part of the Periyava Pancharatna Kritis in 2019 for a piece choreographed by Nitya. As their artistic director and teacher, Nitya is excited for their growth and is looking forward to creating ensemble work with these dedicated dancers in the future

Show Details :
Group Performances
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For more details on classes and events,
Check the Prayukti : Academy for Indian Arts page here

Other Freelance Work

Samyu – ‘A Union

SAMYU – ‘a union’

Art has no boundaries and can transcend all beings. When we dance – there is no individual identity, there is no “I, me or you”, there is only the art. Samyu is a demonstration of this very beautiful and transformative power of dance. Nitya and Kassiyet, two artists from completely different backgrounds, training and approach come together to explore the one undeniable and simple fact – dance connects.  Dance fosters collaboration and trust by breaking down barriers in a magical way, which is difficult to describe but can certainly be felt by all. As a universal language, dance speaks of joy and creates lasting bonds. Through Samyu, the dancers celebrate this unity through unique pieces of Bharatanatyam.

For more Informaiton/Bookings : Email prayuktiarts@gmail.com

NAVA Dance Theatre, San Francisco

Nava Dance Theatre (NDT) is a bharatanatyam dance company, formed in 2012, which uses classical south Indian dance as a medium for artistic reflection and discovery. Nitya worked with Nava as a company dancer

Vidhya Subramanian ensemble, cupertino

With over 35 years of performing, touring, and presenting experience as well as organizational acumen in her chosen field, Vidhya is an eminent Bharatanatyam artist, acclaimed for her sensitive choreography and emotionally charged performances. Nitya had a lovely experience as part of her esteemed ensemble.

Abhinaya Dance Company, San Jose

The Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose was founded by its Artistic Director Mythili Kumar in 1980, to present innovative and professional quality performances of South Indian classical dance forms.

Nitya has been a guest dancer with Abhinaya taking on important roles and has worked with them through 2017. Some notable performances and productions include : 

  • Gandhi at St Louis Dance Festival
  • Sanchari – Elaborations for the SF Dance festival

 Bharata Dance company

Bharatha Bharata Dance & Allied Arts was founded by Ganesh Vasudeva. Nitya was part of Ganesh’s Bharatanatyam production, Life of Pi an adaptation of Yann Martel’s Best selling novel.  Life of Pi was premiered in 2018 and toured across the US thereafter.


Utsav Music founded by Churchill Pandian presents Ganga to Kaveri. Nitya took on the role of Narmada in this production.

Samudra Dance Creations founded by Jyotsna Vaidee 2018 and premiered at the San Francisco Dance Festival May 2018 with “The Caged Birds Sing”

Dance Troupe of NIT Trichy – This student run group was a pivotal turning point in Nitya’s dance career giving her the freedom and tools to engage with a large group and choreograph work that went on to win many inter college competitions.

Kalarpana – Nitya’s love for ensemble work started under Guru Shobana at the Kalarpana institute of Dance, Chennai. Nitya has performed in numerable shows with Kalarpana as a teenager.