Academy for Indian Arts

Prayukti Arts is an initiative started by Nitya to nurture, promote and propagate Indian Art and Culture in the Bay Area. The first step of this initiative is in the form of Bharatanatyam dance classes where she shares her dance, training and values.

At Prayukti Arts, classes are structured on a holistic module based on the Raadha Kalpa method to activate and engage both the mind and body. Lessons will incorporate yoga and strength techniques to push the students physically. It will also touch upon anatomy and alignment to educate students about where movements come from. All of this will happen while students simultaneously grow with their bharatanatyam training. Overall, the class will attempt to create a dancer who is physically strong and trains with awareness of muscular alignment, reducing chances of injury and discovering a sustainable longevity in the joy of dancing.


Adult Classes

Adult classes are structured to be enjoyable and challenging with the goal of promoting a fit, injury free, healthy lifestyle while learning a south asian artform. The class is suitable for all adults irrespective of prior Bharatanatyam training. Class will incorporate yoga and strength techniques to push the students physically while simultaneously growing with their bharatanatyam training. The class will also cover theory and discussions on both the past and present social context of Indian arts.

We will occasionally have panel and group discussions for those with an inquisitive and open mind. These sessions are aimed at nurturing an inclusive environment where we listen, share, respect and learn from each other.


Nitya loves working with children and has a natural knack for handling them. The kids classes bring a fun, new approach to learning a traditional art form and are one of its kind. The children learn rhythm, musicality and build artistry while having fun, learning through activities​, and being exposed to movement. It will build to a Bharatanatyam repertoire and structure over time without pressurizing the children into anything immediately.

The kids classes are currently accepting registrations. Parents can sign up using the contact form and will be notified when the next term is about to commence.


The women’s well being class is a tailor made module aimed at our sheros who deserve a mid day energizing routine to keep them powering through the rest of their day. The class will be based on a strength and stretch module combining ideas from yoga and general fitness. It will use music as a medium to make movement enjoyable while getting a solid workout in.

The class will aim at creating a friendly, non intimidating space for women to get together and sweat it out. As a community initiative, We hope to create a strong tribe of women who will cheer each other on as well as share their daily successes and challenges in a safe, non judgemental environment.


Classes incorporate Yoga into regular training

All classes are held in Sunnyvale, CA. We are currently accepting registrations for

Kids (Age 5 and above)
Teens (Ages 9-15)
Adults (Beginners)
Adults (Ongoing/Previously Trained)

Women’s Well being Class

If you are interested in being a part of the Prayukti family and want more details about ongoing classes – Email with the subject “Class Enquiry” or fill out the Contact Form on this website.

If you are continuing student of Bharatanatyam looking to pursue advanced training at prayukti, Please send me a video of yourself dancing using the following guidelines

1. Length of video : Minimum 2 minutes and upto 5 minutes
2. Must be recorded within the last 3 months
3. Can be informal practice video shot on phone. No costume, make up necessary
4. Has to be pure nritta (A jathi / alarippu would be ideal)